14 November 2009

I've lived in Ireland for 10 years today. Been quite some ride! Several tech jobs, wife, house build, kids :-) What will the next 10 bring?

12 October 2009

Saw Pixar's 'UP' with the family! Great film; sad & laugh out loud funny. Held kids attention whilst adult themes passed over their heads.

21 July 2009

26 June 2009

Liked "Anti Cancer" by Servan-Schreiber. Prevent/reduce effects of cancer by diet, lifestyle & attitude. http://bit.ly/anticancerbook

27 May 2009

Amazing live awake brain surgery has just been shown on Channel4 (http://ping.fm/CoTqv). My Dad went through this too.

23 May 2009

Interesting Nature podcast: Down's Syndrome gene could suppress cancer http://ping.fm/0YQ5K

15 May 2009

We've just seen Star Trek and liked it. No spoilers here though.

Take Skype mobile with fring www.fring.com/skype

12 May 2009

Played Tag Rugby, 1st game of season; we lost :-( I got a male try so only 1 point.

29 April 2009

26 March 2009

I was watching Discovery launch (http://ping.fm/7feOl) with my 2 kids when my 2yr old daughter said, "How are they going to get down?"

23 March 2009

My kids love Sesame St podcasts (http://bit.ly/1a5TCR) so I'm reading to 'Street Gang' to see how it all started (http://bit.ly/e5x8F)

21 March 2009

Wales 15-17 Ireland. 1st time in 61 yrs Ireland has won the triple crown & grand slam. Brilliant game, we're delighted. http://bit.ly/6n1pZ

4 March 2009

Listening to Science Talk podcast http://bit.ly/cPsOm. Funny Superman mention in relation to spooky action & interesting nanoradio talk.

25 February 2009

RT @levarburton: Trek cast to reunite on 'Family Guy': http://bit.ly/lD3Hu
Enjoying 'Brain Rules' http://bit.ly/AhX6A. I'm going to work out how my brain works then try to hack it :-)
Thoroughly enjoyed Richard Hammond's Autobiography http://bit.ly/nIbhk. Loved the way Mindy comes in and co-writes from her point of view.

24 February 2009

Watching a very interesting episode of BBC's Horizon: treat cancer with the body clock's natural rhythm

17 February 2009

16 February 2009

Kevin Cooney has been appointed Corporate Vice-President and Managing Director of Xilinx EMEA.

14 February 2009

Found the Sesame Street Podcasts. Great for the kids http://ping.fm/FKQzu
Looking for an Irish supplier of concealed shelf supports http://bit.ly/172rf2. Any ideas, anyone?

As a followup to this post: I found SDS in London, UK sold very good supports
David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done" is now on Twitter at @gtdguy.

6 February 2009

Watching a very funny QI on the Beeb
This week's Sciam Podcast mentions twitter and social media in general: http://ping.fm/GE1cD

5 February 2009

Listening to this weeks Digital Planet: http://ping.fm/Olvnr

4 February 2009

I'm attending the VMWare Virtualisation Forum in Dublin, Ireland

3 February 2009

This week's sciam podcast worth a listen:
Digital Planet quite good this week: http://ping.fm/VGdqq
Gervais new podcast out in February; preview at http://ping.fm/GQk1S Very funny!

2 February 2009

RT @mashable: Affixa Brings Webmail to Your Desktop ( http://zz.gd/50d566 ). For those who don't want to use Gmail sync!
Wii Golf, what an amazing game! 9 holes before bed; very hard to do that with the real game, especially in all of today's snow!
About 10cm (4in) of snow here in Carlow and still falling. Not seen this much snow in years.

28 January 2009

I'm watching how stock picks from Fool.com MDP fair. Check it out for free (reg req.) http://bit.ly/XmAt

26 January 2009

A good TWiT this week too: http://twit.tv/179
A great Nature podcast from last week; bendy electronics, fMRI, season change: http://ping.fm/ITXoP

24 January 2009

I'm testing out ping.fm, might be worth using to update the status of all my social networks.