26 March 2009

I was watching Discovery launch (http://ping.fm/7feOl) with my 2 kids when my 2yr old daughter said, "How are they going to get down?"

23 March 2009

My kids love Sesame St podcasts (http://bit.ly/1a5TCR) so I'm reading to 'Street Gang' to see how it all started (http://bit.ly/e5x8F)

21 March 2009

Wales 15-17 Ireland. 1st time in 61 yrs Ireland has won the triple crown & grand slam. Brilliant game, we're delighted. http://bit.ly/6n1pZ

4 March 2009

Listening to Science Talk podcast http://bit.ly/cPsOm. Funny Superman mention in relation to spooky action & interesting nanoradio talk.